Mind-Body Experience

It´s Friday, so let´s flying endorphins!

I attended “The Class” by Taryn Toomey in Tribeca while visiting NYC last week. I absolutely love this place, the concept of mind body training, the vibe and expansive, heart-opening, body-strenthning release, “bootcamp” exertion takes the class to an intense level.

It´s the perfect place to unplug, work hard, become clear-headed and lighter, create space, and connect in a challenging, music-filled environment.

TheClass (1 of 1)

The founder Taryn Toomey´s deep, raspy voice commanded;

hips bridges, jumping jacks, stamp the feet and make your arms go all limp and shaky and make some sound…..scream!!! 

Then, notice the stillness in between the beats. 

You will find that you are much stronger than you thought.”

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and inviting studio, meet the welcoming staff and discovered The Class with Taryn while visiting NYC.

What a great find, looking forward to come back in the studio.



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