“How is your heart

is your breath happy


do you feel free”?


The sailing yacht “Summer Wind” is my new home for the time being.

I have a strong faiblesse for travelling and fascination for culture. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been a passionated learner and my curiosity led me to higher studies, bachelors degree in economic and leadership, communication and design.

I grew up in Oslo, Norway. A land of fjords and beautiful mountains, with forest-covered hills in the southeast and sublime fjords and glaciers in the west and the North.

I loves to artificially express myself through writing, design and yoga. I find inspiration in exploring the world and interest me for the most part I can dive into and be good at.

I am the mother of two wonderful girls and run my own company Simplicity Design.

Gradually, a great interest in health and wellbeing came into my life. This lead me to study health, fitness, human anatomy, Qi gong, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, meditation and nutrition. The yoga room has become an arena to express this creativity and yoga became a natural way to go in my desire to create healing and happiness for myself and the outside world.

Today I function as a movement teacher in Yoga, often Gentle Flow and Vinyasa. I have been teachering since 2012.

I want my classes to give space and accommodate all bodies and souls. The yoga practise is never about a physical form or a goal, but about every person´s experience at the moment. The yoga practice happens in what we stop and realize we´re not going anywhere, we´re already there where we are going to be.

Nevertheless, you will get guidance in technique and positioning in my hours, so you will be able to build a safe and sustainable practice.

Experience and health certifications; Qi gong/Tai chi chuan, nutrition (Øystein S. Myhre), Fitness/PT, nutrition (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences), Pilates instructor (TheRoom), RYT 2ooh Ashtanga Vinyasa TT (Alexander Medin), 80h Yinyoga (Ulrica Norberg), Reiki 1 & 2 (Liv Seiff)



Christina Hop