Fight the good fight!

More about the Mother Daughter Trip to NYC.

After strolling around in the neighborhood Tribeca, we make our way to the Trinity Boxing Club. With the willingness to learn new skills, we sign up for a one-on-one lesson the next morning.

Scary and exciting at the same time.

DSC02609What´s the biggest thing in your life holding you back?


Boxing gives you the tools to put it to good use 

DSC02574The workout at Trinity Boxing Club are intensive and hard, it´s built on an accumulation of 3 minutes rounds of jumping rope, shadow boxing, hit bags, work one-on-one with a trainer, sparring and then conditioning.

DSC02590My daughter is officially HOOKED on this workout and highly recommend this place!

DSC02612The trainer Martin Snow makes sure you don´t slack and the philosophy is that the training dosen´t  start when you walk in to the gym, it starts when you walk out.

So, grateful for this experience!


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