Woman Making A Difference

On the train again from East Hampton to New York City, for a short mother daughter trip to NYC.

My daughter and I am going to participate in an interactive conversation with the founder of Nanofasa Conservation Trust, Aleksandra Orbeck-Nillsen about “Woman Making A Difference”.

DSC02640  Nanofasa Conservation Trust works to ensure healthy and productive interactions between Nature, Adventure, Cultur and Communities Improved human well-being and ecosystem health is essential for the sustainability of our planet and its people.

https---cdn.evbuc.com-images-35686295-190013693908-1-originalThe San are considered to be the world´s oldest culture, being the first hunters and gatherers, but now live in extreme poverty.

When, Aleksandra first went to Africa, she like many other travelers wanted to help. But when she met the San people, she replied that the opposite had happened. They had saved her from her poverty of perception and opened her eyes. What they may lack in material wealth, they more than make up for in richness of spirit.

“For true development to take place, we need to nurture, protect and preserve our natural environment, wildlife, our people, their culture and customs”. Local communities are the key to a sustainable future”, she says.

Actually, we hope one day to give something back, to have the opportunity to arrange a Daughter´s Mother trip to Namibia, and together with Nanofasa and the San people get the opportunity to work with and take a part of their communities, to ensure healthy and productive interactions between nature, culture and communities to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems for a sustainable future.



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