Breath & Enjoy!

Take some minutes to clean your head and release.

Breath is a life force and the breath is a gift to softening the body, and when practice pranayama (breath) correctly, the mind is automatically stilled.

The Full Complete Breath is a grate tool for us to connect enhances the mind-body connection. As a little child, we breathed full, complete breaths, so we can all find our way back there again. The Full Complete Breath consists of four components; inhalation, pause, exhalation, pause. The diaphragm lowers as we inhale, so the lungs can expand. The intercostals (muscles in between the ribs) expand and lift the ribcage, and the entire circumference of the abdomen expands. On exhale the abdomen relaxes, the belly draws in, and the diaphragm releases back up into the chest as a second set of intercostal muscles contracts and returns the rib cage to its starting position.

Begin by sitting on the floor/mat with equal weight in both sitting bones. Slightly elevated on a cushion or rolled up blanket, lengthening your spine and placing your head back on top of your shoulders. Your feet are placed in front of each other (in front of the pelvis), your knees are spread wide and resting down on the floor. Place your hands palms down on your thighs or towards your knees. Close your eyes, allow all your muscles in your face to relax, and your tongue to float freely.


You can place a cushion or pillow under your sitting bones, to prevent pressing the weight back into the buttocks, which presses on the sciatic notch and can cause or aggravate sciatica.

You can place pillows under the thighs for added support if you have a tight groin or sensitive knees.

Get the attention towards the breath and remember that we don´t use our body to get into a pose, but we use the pose to get into our body.

Seated pranayama for 3-5 minutes.

Enjoy and notice how different you feel.



The Journey

Life is a journey and there is a beautiful strength that comes from the Simplicity of Being, and when we remain humble and receptive life unfolds in a beautiful way.


I often get the question – why do you practice yoga?

Yoga is for me as life, a journey and a way to better health and well-being during the trip. I practice yoga and meditation regularly, ensuring that the practice will be safe and effective, to create a deeper understanding of balance, joy and stability. While I nourish my need for sweating, focus, discipline and determination during my Asthanga practice, I have discovered a way to nurture the more energetic and spiritual side of my nature through Yin yoga and meditation.

When practicing yoga in everyday life, the body becomes softer, the heart feels more open and I feel stronger and more motivated. I find peace through the strength of my yoga practice and I give room for change to happen.

Yoga is far more than physical exercises on the mat and there are many ways to apply what we learn about ourselves on the yoga mat, and transfer it into the everyday life.

Yoga challenges me both physically and in the mind, and is for me patience, concentration, exercise and again training. When I’m in yoga, I sometimes get a beautiful stillness even in motion. I feel more comfortable and it feels like the body I live in and my senses get better space. I am more conscious, awake and present in what is now and my ability to focus increases.

Yoga is a wonderful resource, yoga opens doors of understanding we might not even have known were closed. It offers us a way to leave behind, and return to our true selves, where healing takes place. Therefore, when embracing the practice with mindfulness and an open heart, I love to experience the effect, step by step.

The practice of yoga is like watching a tree grow, it will take years and in the early stages it needs care and attention. I know there is a long way to move, but as a human we have a large capacity stored in us and yoga helps us better understand that potential.



An organic Mecca

Located in the beautiful, historic sea side town of Sag Harbor, Provisions Natural Foods Market and Organic Cafe has been my local food market the last five weeks. Provisions supports local organic farmers and offers only the highest quality organic products available.

DSC02046Fill the fridge and counter with flawed and fragrant ingredients, the more unprocessed and unpackaged, the better. Eat and cook with fresh produce that has bruises and bumps, in a range of colors.

If you like to make your own “green smoothie”, see the receipt below.

Green Smoothie

  • 2 dino kale leafs or 1 cup baby spinach or baby kale
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh mango
  • 3 frozen ripe banana
  • 1 cup coconut or filtered water or organic almond milk for creamer version
  • 1/2 seeded cucumber
  • 1/4 cup parsley or mint
  • Handful of ice

Blend until smooth


Mind-Body Experience

It´s Friday, so let´s flying endorphins!

I attended “The Class” by Taryn Toomey in Tribeca while visiting NYC last week. I absolutely love this place, the concept of mind body training, the vibe and expansive, heart-opening, body-strenthning release, “bootcamp” exertion takes the class to an intense level.

It´s the perfect place to unplug, work hard, become clear-headed and lighter, create space, and connect in a challenging, music-filled environment.

TheClass (1 of 1)

The founder Taryn Toomey´s deep, raspy voice commanded;

hips bridges, jumping jacks, stamp the feet and make your arms go all limp and shaky and make some sound…..scream!!! 

Then, notice the stillness in between the beats. 

You will find that you are much stronger than you thought.”

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to visit the beautiful and inviting studio, meet the welcoming staff and discovered The Class with Taryn while visiting NYC.

What a great find, looking forward to come back in the studio.



Fight the good fight!

More about the Mother Daughter Trip to NYC.

After strolling around in the neighborhood Tribeca, we make our way to the Trinity Boxing Club. With the willingness to learn new skills, we sign up for a one-on-one lesson the next morning.

Scary and exciting at the same time.

DSC02609What´s the biggest thing in your life holding you back?


Boxing gives you the tools to put it to good use 

DSC02574The workout at Trinity Boxing Club are intensive and hard, it´s built on an accumulation of 3 minutes rounds of jumping rope, shadow boxing, hit bags, work one-on-one with a trainer, sparring and then conditioning.

DSC02590My daughter is officially HOOKED on this workout and highly recommend this place!

DSC02612The trainer Martin Snow makes sure you don´t slack and the philosophy is that the training dosen´t  start when you walk in to the gym, it starts when you walk out.

So, grateful for this experience!


Woman Making A Difference

On the train again from East Hampton to New York City, for a short mother daughter trip to NYC.

My daughter and I am going to participate in an interactive conversation with the founder of Nanofasa Conservation Trust, Aleksandra Orbeck-Nillsen about “Woman Making A Difference”.

DSC02640  Nanofasa Conservation Trust works to ensure healthy and productive interactions between Nature, Adventure, Cultur and Communities Improved human well-being and ecosystem health is essential for the sustainability of our planet and its people. San are considered to be the world´s oldest culture, being the first hunters and gatherers, but now live in extreme poverty.

When, Aleksandra first went to Africa, she like many other travelers wanted to help. But when she met the San people, she replied that the opposite had happened. They had saved her from her poverty of perception and opened her eyes. What they may lack in material wealth, they more than make up for in richness of spirit.

“For true development to take place, we need to nurture, protect and preserve our natural environment, wildlife, our people, their culture and customs”. Local communities are the key to a sustainable future”, she says.

Actually, we hope one day to give something back, to have the opportunity to arrange a Daughter´s Mother trip to Namibia, and together with Nanofasa and the San people get the opportunity to work with and take a part of their communities, to ensure healthy and productive interactions between nature, culture and communities to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems for a sustainable future.



Yoga with Rodney Yee

Early in the morning. I went to Yoga Shanti studio in Sag Harbor, led by Colleen Saidmann and Rodney Yee.

I dropped by for an “Open” class with Rodney Yee.

Rodney Yee is very knowledgeable. He have the ability to break down postures into their essential elements. He leds us to explore the breath and mind, while staying in the postures and breathe through the layers, to establish a firmness and openness of the body.

A great yoga practice, love to come back!