Breath & Enjoy!

Take some minutes to clean your head and release.

Breath is a life force and the breath is a gift to softening the body, and when practice pranayama (breath) correctly, the mind is automatically stilled.

The Full Complete Breath is a grate tool for us to connect enhances the mind-body connection. As a little child, we breathed full, complete breaths, so we can all find our way back there again. The Full Complete Breath consists of four components; inhalation, pause, exhalation, pause. The diaphragm lowers as we inhale, so the lungs can expand. The intercostals (muscles in between the ribs) expand and lift the ribcage, and the entire circumference of the abdomen expands. On exhale the abdomen relaxes, the belly draws in, and the diaphragm releases back up into the chest as a second set of intercostal muscles contracts and returns the rib cage to its starting position.

Begin by sitting on the floor/mat with equal weight in both sitting bones. Slightly elevated on a cushion or rolled up blanket, lengthening your spine and placing your head back on top of your shoulders. Your feet are placed in front of each other (in front of the pelvis), your knees are spread wide and resting down on the floor. Place your hands palms down on your thighs or towards your knees. Close your eyes, allow all your muscles in your face to relax, and your tongue to float freely.


You can place a cushion or pillow under your sitting bones, to prevent pressing the weight back into the buttocks, which presses on the sciatic notch and can cause or aggravate sciatica.

You can place pillows under the thighs for added support if you have a tight groin or sensitive knees.

Get the attention towards the breath and remember that we don´t use our body to get into a pose, but we use the pose to get into our body.

Seated pranayama for 3-5 minutes.

Enjoy and notice how different you feel.



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