Take a Break

Turn inside, breath, feel the heart and just let it all go.


Download music, take a break:

  1. “Breathe” by Elephant Revival, Break in the Clouds.


Child pose is a nice forward fold. This pose is a great tension release for the pelvis and lumbar spine and a calming pose.


Sit on your heels, allowing the belly and chest to round forward onto the thighs. Let the forehead rest toward or on the floor. Close the eyes. Find your breath and rest for a while.


  • Rest your arms down by your sides, and let the palms face down, or stack them like a pillow under your forehead.
  • Support the lower back and the pressure on the knees by resting on a bolster.
  • If the neck, shoulders or knees are too sensitive is to do Apanasana. From a seated position, lay down on the floor/mat. Rest on your back and hugging the knees.

Stay in pose for 1-3 minutes.

IMG_0921Honor the moment and how it affect you.





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